Who We Are

  • We provide Individuals and small businesses with strategic counseling and consulting services. We were a registered investment advisor for 17 years through December 2017.

The Firm was open for business at 411 West Putnam Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut on January 1, 2000 The firm was in Greenwich Connecticut for 11 years and is now located in Southport, Connecticut .

Chris Wright started his long career in the Investment business with Chemical Bank, New York City, (now part of JP Morgan Chase)in the dynamic and nerve central bank funding area where tens of $billions of dollars a day were raised or rolled over to keep the bank adequately funded so that bank lending as well as investment could be operated in a smooth fashion.

Laidlaw Adams & Peck (later becoming Laidlaw)  Research analyst, Investment Advisor. Highlight: Writing research report recommending purchase of shares in a company called California Energy., a geothermal energy provider in Coso Junction, California that was subsequently bought by Warren Buffett / Berkshire Hathaway’s Mid American Energy subsidiary.

Chris moved to Stuyvesant Capital Management in 1996 to become a Portfolio Manager, working with the brilliant analyst and founder, John Cooper.